Waggonbau Niesky: full capacity with a record order

Over the next three years, WBN is to manufacture 315 special cars for the French group Eurotunnel S.A.

The order is worth EUR 120m, making it the largest in the company's 180-year history. Niesky's excellent quality and strong reputation won out against its European competitors.

By 2018, WBN is to provide cars for the Eurotunnel operator to transport lorries through the 50 kilometres of tunnel. The company is recruiting 30 new highly qualified members of staff and investing in changes at its factory to fulfil the order.

WBN is now operating at full capacity until 2016, and the order books for 2017 and 2018 are already 50% full. The eastern German rail car manufacturer is currently in the process of acquiring new customers from Turkey and the Arab world based on the high demand for premium railway cars, bogies and vehicle components.

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